Become a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

ICDS has teamed up with Sober College, drug rehab center for young adults, to offer Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training classes in Woodland Hills (just North of Los Angeles), California. ICDS counselor training program is a NAADAC and CCAPP approved education provider. By taking classes through ICDS and Sober College, for one weekend a month, in 6 months you will  complete the 315 required education hours (including the practicum hours) to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor in California.

Below are the steps needed to become a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor in California (as outlined by CCAPP). By taking the Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training program through ICDS and Sober College you complete both the 315 hours required for Steps 1 and 2 below by attending class just one weekend a month for 6 months.

Your Path to Becoming a CADC (as outlined by CCAPP)

Step 1 : Complete the first six phases of CDC training with instructor (270 classroom hours)

Step 2: Complete Practicum module, which applies the 12 core functions of a drug and alcohol counselor learned during classroom hours with instructor (45 hours)

Step 3: Complete internship (255 hours)

Step 4: Schedule and Take Exam (


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