About the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies

The Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies (ICDS) has been training chemical dependency counselors for sixteen years, offering students the option of completing their chemical dependency counselor training in classrooms in Texas, on-line via distance learning, and most recently in California.

Chemical Dependency Counselor Training in California

The Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies helps student become substance abuse counselors.

ICDS chemical dependency counselor training gives students the national standard of knowledge, education, and skills to successfully work in the field of chemical dependency and substance abuse counseling.

The curriculum focuses on all aspects of chemical dependency, including counseling techniques, the function and responsibilities of a case manager, family needs and recovery issues, training in intervention techniques and facilitation, dual diagnosis treatment, adolescent drug abuse services and counseling, adult children of alcoholics needs and services, sexual addiction education, eating disorders education, relapse prevention and ethics.


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